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Commercial, residential and industrial scrap metal removal in Hartford County

Experienced cleanout company takes scrap metal of all sizes, even trailers and oil tanks

What sets us apart from other companies is
we don't charge for pick-up

LJ Home Improvement & Recycling LLP helps communities all over Hartford County by recycling scrap metal pieces large and small. Residents, business owners and property managers no longer have to be burdened by what's in their junk closets, basements and back yards. Owners Scott St. Peter and Jim Gajewski work with their crew to quickly and safely haul the metal away for free. We don't mind waiting in line at a recycling plant with our truckloads of scrap metal. 

Our metal recycling efforts will help improve the environment. City dumps can't accommodate all the refrigerators, oil tanks, pipes, construction equipment, tools and other objects that are no longer in service. Many recycling plants get scrap metal turned into quality metal for new construction projects and manufacturing parts. As a result, there is less of a demand for raw materials from the earth.
CT HIC Lic# 0637925
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LJ Recycling picks up scrap metal for free in Hartford County
We always find a way to remove large and bulky metal objects.
Your business can make a better impression
than this. Call us for FREE scrap metal removal.
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